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Supplying Expert Testimony for Your Malpractice Case

The prosecution of almost all legal malpractice claims requires expert witness testimony at trial. When such testimony is required, you must disclose your expert's identity well before the trial. You must also provide her/his qualifications, opinion(s) and the basis for those opinions. A failure to timely name an expert and provide the required information can result in the court dismissing the legal malpractice claim.

As an experienced Boston legal negligence lawyer, I, Joseph H. Reinhardt, am available to serve as an expert witness in malpractice cases being prosecuted by other attorneys. I have over 30 years of legal experience that I bring to bear as an expert witness, strengthening your case and helping you achieve favorable results. To speak with me about my services in this area, call 866-752-6107 or contact my Boston law firm online.

Cost-Effective Expert Witness Services

Naming and using a trial expert witness can be a very costly process. Experts, to ensure their continued impartiality, cannot be paid on a contingent fee basis. They must be paid by the hour.

I provide a solution to the cost problem by dividing my services into four phases:

  1. Initial consultation and the preparation of the expert witness report
  2. Assistance to trial counsel in response(s) to opposing party motions to strike my report/testimony
  3. Deposition of the opposing expert
  4. Preparation for and testimony at trial

After an initial review of the case, I set a cap for the hourly fees to be incurred in each phase. I require a retainer (equal to the cap) to be paid prior to the commencement of a given phase. The caps in the various phases are established in my initial employment agreement. In many cases, payment for all phases is not necessary because the case settles before trial or my services are paid from another source (i.e., deposition to be paid for by opposing party).

Expert Witness Services in Three Major Areas of Law

The substantive areas of legal malpractice in which I offer trial expert witness services are:

On occasion, I will serve as a trial expert witness for a defendant. I limit these undertakings to cases where there is truly a meritorious defense to the plaintiff's claim.

Consulting Expert Services

I am also available to serve as a consulting expert. In this role, I do an evaluation of a situation and render an opinion as if I were going to testify at trial. If the party for whom the opinion is rendered is satisfied with the opinion, then there is the opportunity to hire me on as a trial expert witness. If the party is not satisfied with the opinion, then my services as a consulting expert are terminated. My opinion stays confidential and cannot be reviewed by the opposing party or used by the opposing party in any way. Pricing here is essentially the same as the first stage in a trial expert opinion.

The consulting expert witness function is particularly well-suited to confidential analyses of a legal malpractice defendant's case or status.

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I provide a free initial consultation to all clients. To set up an appointment, contact me or call me toll-free at 866-752-6107. My office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

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